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Welcome to our website that has a purpose of stopping the constant prescription drug abuse! The main goal of our website is to raise the awareness for drug misuse concerning side effects, addiction, and consequences that can ruin your life seriously.

Prevention Strategies

Provide information in the correct way

The information should be presented to the potentially vulnerable target group – that is teen group usually. All the available data on these drugs must come through advertisings or public education in the way that young people understand the danger of drug abuse.

Enhance the skill, include a community

It is essentially vital to develop the skills that will affect the opinion of young people on the subject of prescription drugs. These skills include communication skills, general life skills, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills. Furthermore, it is important to add the community in the fight so the young people can count on the support.

Support for young people

Young people usually “hit the highway of prescription drugs” because they don’t have proper support. Whether that support comes from parents, community or peers, it must be genuine and available all the time. Support is the key to both preventing from abuse and from starting the abuse.


Many young lives were saved with our help, and we are proud that we made some progress regarding this problem. Here are some of them:

Marc Anthony, 26

I started abusing prescription drugs when I was 23. Each day I would pop a Xanax or valium in the morning to start my day. Now, three years after that I can proudly say I stopped it! Thank you, guys!

Marc Anthony
Gianna Higgins

Gianna Higgins, 29

Some five years ago, I decided to visit these guys to seek help. I was a heavy PD user, which culminated when I almost overdosed and poisoned myself. Now, four years later, I cannot explain how grateful I am to these people who had a lot of patience with me!

Jamal Smith, 41

After I quit drinking, I started with prescription drugs. On a daily basis. After a while, I decided I needed professional help. Doctor Robinson helped me to overcome mental struggles and I am clean for two years so far! Thank you!

Jamal Smith

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