Misuse of Prescription Drugs

Drugs are useful when it comes to a treatment of some illness or a condition, but they become a real danger when people start abusing them or using them just to have fun, eel numb or to drink more alcohol.


Misuse of prescription drugs became one of the leading problems in the world, especially in the US, where 44 people die from the prescription drug on a daily basis. The real problem is that this number goes up every day.

What is a misuse of prescription drugs?

It refers to taking medication in a dose or a manner other than prescribed by a doctor or professional. This penalty also includes also taking someone else’s drug regardless of the fact that you, for example, have a severe physical pain – the drug is not on your name, so it is a misuse automatically. However, the third and the biggest problem is taking prescribed medications just to feel euphoria (i.e., to get high).

How and why people misuse prescription drugs

To get high, addicts usually take a recommended dosage and shortly after take one more dosage. This is especially correct when we have a case of long-term addicts who develop a tolerance on a certain substance. The addict can’t feel the high from the usual dosage, so they reach out for more.

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Due to increased demand for stimulant prescriptions, they have not been more available than ever, which leads to increased non-medical use. It means that people can experiment with these drugs and use them on their own. Some people use stimulants (amphetamine, especially) for improving mental abilities like focus, attention or even fatigue to keep up with their everyday tasks.

Who to blame for?

Some people hold an opinion that the US Army is partly blamed for increased misuse since they unveiled that the military had been using stimulants (amphetamine to be precise)  in Afghanistan for increased combat abilities so it is logical that one person among five of them would say: Army used, so can I. Still, it is not important whose fault is this. What’s more important is to inform people, raise the awareness and prevent people from abusing prescription drugs.