Understanding Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin is a sedative often prescribed for severe anxiety or epileptic seizures. This drug works by slowing down the brain to relax the user. This medication works to relax the user and create a state of calm. Dependence on this pill can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Because Klonopin blocks the receptors causing stress and anxiety, after taking it for a time, the brain becomes dependent upon the pill to relax, this functionality enables people to become addicted easily. The high associated with this medication has been equated to that of heroin. This extreme and relaxed high is appealing to anyone, but particularly those that are already susceptible to addiction. Additionally, this is generally something that one would begin to take after being prescribed it by a doctor. The belief that nothing bad can come of taking a pill as prescribed can lead to dependence which can lead to addiction.

Addiction to Klonopin will likely begin as medicating per a doctor’s instructions, which can be even more confusing for the patient. There is a sense of security that goes with following a doctor’s orders, even if they are not fully understood. This is truly a false sense, understanding prescribed medication is crucial to overall health. Further, Klonopin is a fast acting drug that stays in the body for a relatively long time. Once the effects of the pill do wear off, the feelings of anxiety and false relaxation return as well. This can lead the user to take more of the medicine and develop further dependence. Misuse of this drug can also result in overdose.

Using Klonopin can assist certain people in dealing with specific ailments, but it should be taken with caution. Accidental addiction is a real hazard, particularly with medications of this nature. It is important to understand that this medicine can become addictive even when taken exactly as prescribed. Treatment begins with detoxifying the body, ridding it of any residual medication. Once detoxification occurs, the addicted person must also find ways to deal with the stress or anxiety that prompted the medication to initially be prescribed. Klonopin addiction is a serious issue that can come about with no preamble, so taking this medication should be done after research and analysis of the risks and benefits.